The University of Vermont Health Network
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Moving medicine forward, together.

As a leading health care organization that employs thousands and directly works to improve the health of more than a million people in our two-state region, we are resolutely committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in our practices and our communities.

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Jackie Hunter

“We gain so much more as a workplace and community when we promote a culture that allows employees to bring their authentic selves to work. As a learning, teaching and healing community, it’s imperative that we seek out and welcome diverse perspectives and experiences because that’s how we gain the knowledge, understanding and empathy of humanity that will allow us advance medicine and provide better care for all people and one another.”

Jackie Hunter
Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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We’re Moving Forward Together.

As a medical institution that focuses on care, research and training, we have a professional and moral obligation to not only understand humanity, but to embrace and care for it without bias or discrimination. That starts within our own workforce by actively promoting diversity and inclusion within our clinical and academic communities with a culture that supports and encourages respect for every individual and that recognizes and values our diverse backgrounds.

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